A hub of innovation

A working, vibrant and sustainable rural economy

Bought in 1951, Standhill was originally geared towards dairy production but now is a hub of innovation, creation, diversification and employment. Jim and his wife Kerry along with children Martha, Anna and George find themselves as the 5th generation of Shanks farmers and the third generation at Standhill.

Mouth watering tomatoes

Our 4 acre glasshouse is our newest and most ambitious project yet. Using every scrap of what’s available at Standhill we grow beautiful, red, ripe tomatoes.

Clean green electricity

We harvest the Methane from our cow slurry to power a gas engine that in turn is connected to a generator that generates clean renewable electricity.

Renewable heat

Most of the heat used in the glasshouse comes from two wood chip boilers, with wood sourced from sustainably managed woodlands at Standhill Farm.