Sweet red balls

Our 4 acre glasshouse is our newest and most ambitious project yet. Using heat from the wood chip boilers, CO2 from the biogas and rainwater from the roof, we’re making use of every scrap of what’s available at Standhill and turning it into beautiful, red, ripe Scottish Tomatoes.

Standhill has become the new home for perfect Scottish Tomatoes. We employ a fantastic group of local crop staff and the results are amazing. We grow a range of Tomatoes, both large and small for Morissons and Asda as well as many local shops. 

The plants are planted into rock wool in January and harvested from April to November. Throughout the summer the vines continuously produce fruit for the Scottish market. To complete the loop at Standhill, once the plants come to the end of the season in November, they are fed back into the biogas to produce more green power and so the cycle continues.