In January at Sweet Red Balls  we take delivery of our young plants.

The plants are carefully unloaded and then placed on the specially designed growing slabs made from ‘rockwool’ by our trained team of ‘Growers’.

Within in a matter of days the  plants will already show a significant amount of growth and soon they will start to climb up the bobbin string.

The Plants are pollinated with Bumble Bees.  We have a number of hives introduced into the glasshouse every year. 

Once the tomatoes have ripened and ready to pick our team of growers and pickers will make sure the fruit is harvested and packed off to our customers.

We grow a number of varieties which include:  Roterno, Swetelle and Piccolo.  Look out for them in your local supermarket.  We currently supply ASDA and Morrisons as well local businesses and fruit markets.