Our Story

What we do

Standhill farm is a family farm situated in the heart of the Scottish Borders. Bought in 1951, Standhill was originally geared towards dairy production but now is a hub of innovation, creation, diversification and employment.

Jim and his wife Kerry along with children Martha, Anna and George find themselves as the 5th generation of Shanks farmers and the third generation at Standhill.

Along with the beloved dairy cows, Standhill now hosts a range of enterprises including Anearobic Digestion, Biomass systems and the new glasshouse making the farm one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly models of food production anywhere in the world.

We’re proud to represent a working, vibrant and sustainable rural economy producing food and energy fit for the 21st century. With our 500 acres we produce 2 million litres of milk a year, 1600MW of clean green electricity, 8500MW of renewable heat as well as 300 tons of mouth watering red Tomatoes.