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Farm Visits – The Dairy Herd 2020

Due to government restrictions we are not able to open our doors to the public this year. We know many of you will be disappointed, so we wanted to share with you some pictures of the Holstein Friesian Heifers who are still producing wonderful...

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End of Season 2019

The last tomatoes of the season were picked on Tuesday 12th November 2019. The Growers will remove all the vines and rockwool from the Glasshouse and wherever possible this will be fed into our Biogas Boiler to create renewable energy. Once the Glasshouse is empty it...

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Annual Open Evening 2019

We held our open evening on Wednesday 11 September 2019 and welcomed over 200 people to the Glasshouse. The visitors were given a guided tours of the Glasshouse and Farm to see exactly what we do here at Standhill. As you can see from the photos, it was a great...

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Young tomato plants delivered

In January at Sweet Red Balls  we take delivery of our young plants. The plants are carefully unloaded and then placed on the specially designed growing slabs made from ‘rockwool’ by our trained team of ‘Growers’. Within in a matter of days the  plants...

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Running on renewable energy

At Standhill Farm we pride ourselves in the use of renewable energy.  We take delivery of wood arriving from a local forestry which we chip and dry, we also source waste wood from local sawmills, which we then dry on site.   The chipped wood is then fed...

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